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L A Y I N G  O N  A  B E D  O F  H Y D R A N G E A S

Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas explores a relationship between a heterosexual male and asexual female. Holly Lansdell aims to showcase what an asexual relationship can be and not what it is assumed to be.

Asexual individuals may still experience attraction but this attraction doesn’t need to be realized in any sexual manner. When people think of the word asexual they think of a plant-based organism reproducing by itself or someone who is celibate but this is not the case. Lansdell aims to confront this stereotype by showing the intimacy that can be experienced.

The project captures an asexual female perspective of both a male and female body with the collaboration of a heterosexual male eye to contrast the work. The colour in the work represent hydrangeas which portray slight vanity but predominately their gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.

The goal of the project is to illuminate the reality of asexuality- it is not a fear of sex and intimacy, it is a lack of sexual attraction. It is far more accurate to say it as an attraction to a person personality rather than their body.

“When I see a beautiful face passing me on the sidewalk, I smile and feel warmth on my face, but not as much as when I encounter a pleasantly fat corgi.”(Price, 2017)

01_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
05_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
02_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
08_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
03_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
09_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
06_Laying on a Bed of Hydrangeas_Holly L
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