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The Biophilic Takeover is a project explored in three parts. The first focuses on the effects on nature on the wellbeing on boomerangers (those that have returned home after moving away).

Hello, my name is… focuses on the personification of plants. As more people purchase house plants sites such as patch are finding ways to engage with customers and make it easier for people to connect and care for plants. Each plant is given a human name which increases the likely hood of an emotional connection being formed and increases the level of care the plant will receive. They form a bond similar to that of a pet or even a friend as they talk to the plant like a human. Plants become humanized as they are referred to by popular human names instead of their traditional Latin names.

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Our natural desire to protect and conserve nature (biophilia) has started to diminish as hunger to make technological advancement increases. Covid-19 has presented the unique opportunity for people to reconnect with nature as it heals itself. People are rediscovering the importance of nature and the positive impact it has on one’s mental and physical health.

Having spent the past year exploring the positive impact nature within the home has on the mental health and wellbeing of millennials, I began to expand my work beyond the walls of a home and to the surrounding natural landscapes.

I have explored our alien relationship with nature and how this has evolved through lockdown. Being confined has made people appreciate the access to nature they have and have rediscovered the natural world.

By altering the way we view nature and the addition of colour theory I have created a surreal perspective and altered our perception of our environments.

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